It’s Ok To Fight!

I have to admit, sometimes I let the world beat me down so bad I forget which way is up.  I am sure this has never happened to you.  But, just when I seem to be cruising along so well the light goes out.  Or at least that is what is seems like.  It would be nice to wake up one morning and be spared from the arena.  Or would it?  The “truth” the “Word of God” when I read it, teaches me that faith cannot exist with out a fight.  At least not in this world; the world I currently live in.

I wonder if this is the fight Paul was talking about in his letter to Timothy when he said, “Fight the good fight of faith.” (1 Timothy 6:12)

In my experience, a fight albeit physical or mental requires things like effort, discipline, and belief in order to win. So often I forget that faith in Christ is a fight and it too requires effort and discipline. But even more:  The “Good Fight of Faith” calls for belief when I don’t feel like believing.

So often, Paul’s words to Timothy remind me; the “Christ Walk” is not a “Cake Walk.”  It also reminds me the world and I will always be at odds.

Men, Christian Men, if you think the odds are not stacked against you then you have made faith something that it is not.  It impossible to have faith without an opponent to that faith.

We would all do well not to forget John’s words about the worldly lion.  The one that prowls around seeking to kill and destroy the heart of the Christian.

How do we continue to fight the good fight?  How do we keep the worldly lion at bay?

We, as Christians, focus on the last part of (1 Timothy 6:12):  “Keep holding on to eternal life, to which you were called and about which you gave a good testimony in front of many witnesses”

Fighting the “Good Fight of Faith” isn’t really about what we let go of; it’s about what we hold on too.

Keep fighting. You are all warriors in the faith.


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