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Thought From a Chronic Isolater

There are two sides to me; depressant and anti-depressant.

The depressant side manifests itself through isolation. Isolation is attractive because it seems so protective, and so secure. But, it only feeds my depressive state. The only thing that proves isolation safety to be a lie is being aware that I am an isolater.

Isolation can be so deceptive. Why? Because it does not require physical absence. I wished I could offer some words of wisdom on how to defeat the depressant side but, I can not.

However, I hold on to this truth. The valley in the center of a wave resides between two peaks. Therefore, I only have to look up to find my anti-depressant. Seratonin be damned! Guess, I better get climbing.


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Listen Up

Busyness can be devastating to our God Loving Heart.

Quote by Don Cousins:
“God won’t compete for your attention, nor will He shout to get it. He’s calling you to a relationship with Himself, a relationship based on communication—talking and listening. He wants to help guide you in all of life, but He can’t if you don’t stop to listen for direction.”
Prayer is an amazing thing, however, I often leave out the listening part.  I wonder if they make cochlear implants for spiritual ears?  I recently realized, it is not fair to accuse God of not answering prayer when I forget that listening for his voice is the main purpose of prayer.
The sad part is, sometimes I purposely choose not to listen.  Why?  Because, I fear God may ask me to loose something I am not ready to let go of. 

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