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The Desire to Fix Human Beings

I remember when I used to pray, “God, fix this person or that person.” Thank God, I no longer do this. Why? Well, I have come to understand that this prayer is a waste of time. In most cases, when I prayed this prayer it was me who needed “fixin” not the other person. Oh how I became a master at projecting my expectations on others.

I’ve learned that humanity minus all the trappings of material possessions and personal wealth, is equal. We arrive in this world because of the miracle of birth, we are granted the privilege to live past birth by God and we all will one day pass form this life into the next. See, basic equality; nothing to do with political preference, race, color, creed, or religion.

What makes one human being believe they can fix another?

For a person, equal to the other to assume they can fix another is sanctimonious. True, we can use our faith, knowledge, wealth, and possessions to assist others. We can provide grace, love, security, and comfort to others. However, we must never forget, our purpose or mission in this life does not provide the means or authority to fix another human being.

Go ahead, walk with others, talk with others, and hangout with others. Just do not try to fix others. If you do, the best you will get is superficiality.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped focusing on fixing others? What if we used what God gave us to provide and environment of grace, love, security, and comfort; you know, the place where “true love” comes from? The choice to change will always be in the heart of the “Fixee” not the “Fixer.”


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