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Who Said We Weren’t Connected

I often read reputable sources that claim “We are more connected” than we have ever been. If this is the case then why do I often hear he or she or they or we are not connected?

What does our connectedness depend on?

Does it mean we must like the same thing as another to be connected?

Does it mean we must look similar or dress alike to be connected?

Does it mean we must have either an electronic link or a chemical attraction?

What really is connectedness?

Could our perceived connectedness be a facade?

What if, how we are connected wasn’t through cyberspace? Would we be the most connected generation then? I mean, is cyberspace a real place or is it a place, a perception, to where we assume we can run to escape seemingly unfair judgements? Or is it a place to hide? Or a place to be whatever we want to be without fear of rejection?

If you reach out in the night, after a bad dream, will your smartphone be there to caress you and command the demons to flee?

What if our connectedness depended solely on being human; not just good, not just evil, not just loving or hateful – but all the above? Without people in this world we are void of two never changing inherently human issues. One is love, and the other is hate. And just like good can’t exist without evil; love can’t exist without hate. Love is the water which fills the vessel, and hate is the divining rod which points us toward love’s living water.

No matter how connected or disconnected we become, no matter how far we run, no matter how hard we wish all the human pain, problems, issues or concerns would disappear we will never live in a perfect world. Why, because the world contains free thinking people. People will never be perfect; they will just be people. We can fight against them, we can hate them, or we can reject them. But maybe, just maybe connected or not we can learn to accept them – flaws and all.

Connectedness was founded on an “Image” many many years ago. No matter the human who looks into the looking glass, the reflection will always be the same. Connectedness is found in the human image, not human behavior.  Human Behavior is another issue for another time.


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