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Mentoring’s Greatest Purpose: People.

People (written by John Maxwell)

The season of returning often happens later in life, and I don’t think that’s an accident. If you’ve been intentional in your seasons of learning and earning, then with age come resources. It’s out of those resources that you’re able to give back to the people in your sphere of influence.

One of the best ways I know to invest in people is through mentoring them. It’s no secret that I’ve benefited greatly from the many mentors who’ve invested in me, and I am committed to passing along that legacy to people in my life. In fact, I’m going to write more about the value of mentoring in next week’s blog post, and it’s part of the reason why my team and I launched Maximum Impact Mentoring. There’s no substitute for having a mentor who invests in your life.

I’ve often said that people are the only appreciable asset in an organization—but it’s true in any area of life. Family, friends, co-workers, even strangers on the street are worthy of your time and wisdom. By investing in another person, you can create a legacy that will impact the world and outlive you.


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My Mentors

Often when I talk to people about mentoring, Christian or non-Christian. I get the same response: “I’m ok I don’t need anyone like that in my life? I have it all together!” I don’t say this to their face but I can’t help but thinking: “Go ahead, keep on believing that lie.” I don’t mean for my thought to be malicious. I mean it to be a sign of how much I care. Fact is – we grow the most from our relationships.

I think about what my mentors have done for me. Yes, I have mentors. I have a mentor near my age, a mentor in his eighties, and mentors younger than I am. Why? Because having mentors of all ages help eradicate my preconceptions, presuppositons, prejudices and unecessary judgments.

My mentors have:

1. Assisted me with the dynamic of shaping my character.

2. Helped me see life from different perspectives.

3. Urged me to read often and seek a life of education.

4. Taught me how to survive in a combat environment.

5. Helped me stay in tune with today’s technology (Young mentors)

6. Helped me through relationship issues, and other Major life issues. The list goes on and on.

Once the timeless principle of mentorship/discipleship is accepted by an individual here is the question I get: “How do you find a mentor?” Easy, you ask someone if they would be willing to mentor you. I have never been turned down. I bet you won’t be either.

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So, You have Committed to Mentoring

Most aspiring Mentors ask: “How do I connect quickly with the person I am mentoring.” To answer this question I lean on Mr. John Maxwell. Mr. Maxwell has been mentoring me via books, blogs, and videos. He says there are three questions for a quick and fulfilling connection.
1.What do you dream about?
2.What do you cry about?
3.What makes you happy?

The video below encapsulates the purpose of mentoring: TO INSPIRE BY AUTHENTIC LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT

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How Can A Mentor Help You Navigate The Pressures and Pitfalls of Life

What a Mentor is Not:

1. A mentor is not a fixer.
2. A mentor is not a crutch.
3. A mentor is not an enabler of negativity.
4. A mentor is not a Psychologist/Psychiatrist/Social Worker.

What a mentor is:

1. A mentor is an encourager.
2. A mentor is a good listener.
3. A mentor is selfless.
4. A mentor is a servant.
5. A mentor is secure in how they are.

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Stuck in a Paradigm

Ever wonder how our minds can remain in neutral concerning certain people, places, or things?

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