Do We Really Want To Know?

I used to cry out to God “God! Why won’t you show me my future?” He said, “Because, James, you couldn’t handle it. There was only one human that could; my Son Jesus. Selfish humanity will never be able handle that level of foreknowledge.” After God spoke I was reminded of a story I once heard concerning knowledge about one’s personal future:
There once was a very proud and strong man. This man was a deep spiritual person. One night as he lay sleeping he awoke terrified from a disturbing dream. In this dream the man saw God and believed God was sharing a glimpse into the man’s future. The dream was terrifying and disturbing because the view of his future was not pleasant. The vision the man received portrayed him as becoming an invalid living in a vegitative state. The man was distraught thinking, “What am I going to do, I can’t live that way.” So, he took a weapon and went to a quiet place and attempted to take his own life; a life he thought he controlled. The man said, “I will preempt or circumvent this horrible event from ever happening.” After the attempt, however, the man did not die; he became an invalid living in a vegitative state.
Can you imagine the composure and discipline it took for Christ, in his humanity, to wake each day knowing exactly what was awaiting him, in his future? (Isaiah 53).
These days I no longer ask God about to reveal my future. I just surrender and trust him to guide my life through the trials and tribulations to the ending he so loving planned long ago.

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