The Shepherd

Sometimes I see musicians as gifted beyond compare

Yet when I see the Shepherd, a glance is all I share.


Sometimes I see the eagle so noble in its flight

Yet when I see the Shepherd there’s comfort in the night.


Sometimes I see life as a never ending day

Then, I gaze upon my Shepherd and he points me to the Way.


Sometimes I see the desert with nothing lush or green in sight

Yet when I see my Shepherd contentment cures my plight.


Sometimes I’m rebellious and push to get ahead

Then I watch my Shepherd and the notion leaves my head.


Sometimes I see my fleece as black and lacking glow

But then I hear the Shepherd, He says, “It’s white as Snow.”


The Shepherd sits in over-watch his day is never through

Kind words may not have graced him and he may never get his due

Yet as a sheep I’d like to say; from my heart: “Thank you!” (JS)


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