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The Army of God Travels On It’s Stomach

There have been times in my life when I have had to deal with “Spiritual Indigestion.” Each time I asked God this question: “God, why am I feeling this way?” He simply replied; “What have you been eating?” Hmmm, seems I had been chewing on something other than God’s word.

God told Ezekiel: “Son of man, feed your belly, and fill your stomach with this scroll that I give you.” So I ate, and it was in my mouth like honey in sweetness.” (Ezek. 3:3) Remember, the Army of God travels on its stomach. If your tummy isn’t full of God’s word, you’re not going to get very far, and the journey won’t be as sweet.


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The Shepherd

Sometimes I see musicians as gifted beyond compare

Yet when I see the Shepherd, a glance is all I share.


Sometimes I see the eagle so noble in its flight

Yet when I see the Shepherd there’s comfort in the night.


Sometimes I see life as a never ending day

Then, I gaze upon my Shepherd and he points me to the Way.


Sometimes I see the desert with nothing lush or green in sight

Yet when I see my Shepherd contentment cures my plight.


Sometimes I’m rebellious and push to get ahead

Then I watch my Shepherd and the notion leaves my head.


Sometimes I see my fleece as black and lacking glow

But then I hear the Shepherd, He says, “It’s white as Snow.”


The Shepherd sits in over-watch his day is never through

Kind words may not have graced him and he may never get his due

Yet as a sheep I’d like to say; from my heart: “Thank you!” (JS)

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Free Will

One day, after an extremely poor choice on my part I asked God a question. I asked, God, why did you give me free will? Immediately God said, “No real conscious choice can be made without free will.” James, he said, “Like it or not, “love” is a free will choice. Take away free will and “love” becomes a mechanical notion. I don’t want my children to love me because they have to; I want them to love me because they have chosen freely to do so. It’s all in the choice.”

Upon hearing this I thought: God’s gift of free will isn’t a curse, it’s a cure. Free will is actually a blessing, it gives me the power to choose. Sure, it introduces a dilemma between spirit and flesh. It has too, without this dilemma there would be no sacrifice. God modeled free will choice when he decided to send His Son to the cross for my sake. Ok, I’ve got it – God gave humanity free will for one reason and one reason only: To Choose Him!

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