Let’s Be Real

“Tragically, in church, where there should be authenticity, we’ll paint on the phony smiles, slap backs, and masquerade to hide what is inside our hearts—the fact that in reality…we’re hurting. I’ve often said if you could know the pain in the lives of those sitting in front and behind you in church, you’d be shocked. Everybody hurts. We’ve all been shot…we’re all bleeding within, including the one behind the pulpit.” (Charles Swindoll – The Church Awakening)

What if we had the courage, when someone asked us how are we doing, to give them the real answer? Wouldn’t that be liberating? I think, by answering truthfully, we may see how a true friend responds. A true friend will not label you a “Whiner” or “Drama Queen” just because you tell them: “I had a bad day” or “I’m struggling in my close relationships.” A true friend will ask only one question: “How can I share your pain?”



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