Through the Year by Grace

I no longer make “New Year Resolutions.” Typically, a New Year resolution, for me, is a time of reflecting on what is wrong with me and how I desperately need to fix it. Therein lay the reason I no longer follow the practice.

What is a resolution? A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. To me, a resolution is like a “diet”; just by merely stating that I am going to control myself and make myself do something has set me up to fail. Why? Because there is too much of “me” in it.

What would happen if I were to parcel my time, daily? I mean, what if took the very same amount of time I would have spent at the end of a year for self-reflection, and expend it daily throughout the entire year by focusing on my need for Grace? This way, I can, by the Grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit achieve small victories that lead to a major one. I believe introspection to be good I just believe it should be daily and not yearly. I mean, if I had to move a mountain of dirt with a shovel, it may be wiser for me to ask God for the Grace to move it, and then only by a few shovels a day vice trying to move the mountain all at once.

Now, my New Year starts out with a prayer. A prayer, which displays my total dependence upon God, as he is the one in control of anything in me that needs accomplished or changed. A prayer similar to the “Serenity Prayer.” A prayer like this:

God, daily, grant me Your Grace and Serenity

To accept that there are things I cannot change without you;

Courage to ask for your Holy Spirit to change the things in me that need changing;

And wisdom to know that only by your Grace is change possible.

Several times Paul asked God to take the thorn from his side. Do you remember God’s response to Paul? I do. He said, “My Grace is sufficient.”

I believe true change or goal achievement, in any given year, depends solely on God’s Grace.

When I commit to love myself, it takes Grace.
When I commit to love my neighbor, it takes Grace.
When I commit to work on an addictive behavior, it takes Grace.
When I commit to lose weight, it takes Grace.
When I commit to anything, daily, it takes Grace.
Most importantly, when I commit to do anything, it takes Christ.

What are you going to ask God to help you with, daily, over the next 12 Months?


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