Dare To Be an Original

A few years ago I was with a friend at a car show.  At the show my friend tried to sell his Fire Engine Red 1955 Chevrolet Bellaire. He was having some struggles. Each time a person would come by to seriously look at the car they always asked the same question. This question, “Is the car all original?” My friend usually responded with “No, it’s not.” Upon hearing this, most people would end their conversation and walk away. On one occasion I asked a potential buyer, “Why is it so important for the car to be all original?” The potential buyer said, “Well, the more original it is the more it is worth.” I thought to myself, “Wow, it seems cars and people are viewed differently.” When it comes to things, people seek out and place a high value on originality. When it comes to people, society typically shuns those who prefer to embrace their originality. I’ve even seen this behavior amongst the Christian brethren. For a time in my life I walked away from my originality. It seems I placed a higher value on being something I wasn’t. It took a heavy fall and a deep course in humility to finally accept my originality as God’s plan all along. With my knees bent and hands clasped I returned to myself in the same manner King David did many years ago. I prayed this prayer: “I will give thanks to You (God), for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”

Take my advice, don’t lose you originality to something you are not. Unlike fickle people, God values the original you as “Priceless.” You aren’t a mimeographed son of God. Because of Christ you are an original Son of God. One saying says, “Dare to be different!” God says, “Dare to be an original!”


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