Don’t Become a Comfort Zone Fatality

Comfort, if held too tightly can stifle growth and lead to death. Have you ever watched a dandelion in its final phase? What once was vibrantly yellow, full of nectar, and fragrant now resembles a used cotton ball. But does this mean the once beautiful flower is useless. No it doesn’t for it is in this final phase that the dandelion has the power to give life. Without choice or the knowledge of when, the winds of change begin to blow, causing the dandelion seed to pull loose from the stem and waft through the meadow. Does a dandelion curse the wind and regret its position in the jet stream? Does it long to return to the stem from which it came? No, like a tiny carefree parachutist the seed drifts through the meadow dreaming of one thing; a place to land and produce life. What makes the life of a dandelion so appealing? The simple answer: It doesn’t have to choose between its God given purpose and a comfortable life style. Through all its trials and tribulation a dandelion has never learned to fear; only people have. Why doesn’t the dandelion fear the cycle of life? Because it never questions its sole dependency on its creator. Imagine a meadow with no dandelions, the meadow is still beautiful, but something is missing. Now imagine yourself clinging to the used-to-ness of your life, still beautiful, still wonderfully shining in God’s image, but something is missing. What is missing? The absence of fear is missing. We never grow so much or go so far until we have faced and conquered our fears. Something we only accomplish by realizing, like the dandelion, “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)


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