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Grace Dispensing: The Most Important Activity in the Heaven to Earth Paradigm.

Philip Yancey, the author of “What’s So Amazing About Grace” says “I truly believe that the future of the church depends on how we master the art of “dispensing grace.”

What is a “Grace Dispenser”?

Reminder: Christ has passed the Grace Dispensing baton to Christians. We took the baton at the moment we discovered His second commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I believe, people, acting in accordance and in obedience to the second commandment of Christ are Grace Dispensers. The field of “Grace Dispensing” has no performance standards. Grace Giving is a field that is wide-open and welcomes all. The only skill required is this: Lose all trace of self and be a person who can put yourself in the place of another, patiently try to understand the workings of the other person’s mind, and consistently apply the love of Christ without judgment. Always remember that your neighbor’s shoes fit differently than yours.

What does a Dispenser of Grace look like?

A Grace dispenser is like a heavenly artesian well, one from which the flow of grace is supernatural. A Grace Dispenser doesn’t look toward reason and logic when dispensing the sweet nectar of grace. A Grace dispenser walks freely through the earthly mire depositing seeds of compassion, acceptance, hospitality, dignity, caring, forgiveness, help, sensitivity, multiple chances, mercy, kindness, refuge, Christ-likeness, unconditional love, and the Good Samaritan spirit upon everyone. Like the miracle of the “fish and the loaves” Grace will never run out. Christ said, “Freely you have received, freely give (dispense).”


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