Character Counts

Good day! There was a slogan going around some time ago called “Character Counts.” What is Character? Character is the culmination of a person’s moral standards and belief’s. A person can be of good or bad character. Mother Teresa and Hitler are two examples. What we base our character on determines the outcome. For instance, “When we say someone has good character we are expressing the opinion that his or her nature is defined by traits like integrity, courage, and compassion.” (Note 1) Can we agree that Christ embodied integrity, courage, and compassion? Try not to confuse character with Talent. Talent is what you have the ability to do; character is who you are. Pastor Paul Cole mentions five ways we can refine our character (Note 2):
1. Commit to live in private what you talk about in public.
2. Make truth the bedrock principle of your life and your speech.
3. Practice forgiveness.
4. Develop friends with a heart for God.
5. Push away from distractions.
Having “Good Character” does not require perfection; it requires abiding in Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Read Romans 5:3-5 (NKJV)
Note 1:
Note 2: Paul Louis Cole: Christian Men’s Network Article “Five Ways To Build Your Character.”


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