Is it better to Give or Receive? Or both, in balance?

Some believe it is better to give than to receive. I, on the other hand, believe one must learn to receive before one can truly give. Benevolence without the ability to humbly receive from others, is merely a ploy to appear reverent in the faces of those being pleased by one’s giving. In this case, giving actually becomes an act of self-service vice selfless service. If one cannot humbly and regularly accept the position of receiver; then true giving is never achieved.

This poem by Reverend Forbes explains:
I’m a novice when it comes to receiving.
Giving has become my second expertise,
But giving alone without getting
Becomes soon a fatal disease.

If the intake valve is not opened
There’s no way to maintain a supply
There comes a point in a cycle of life
Where the out-going stream runs dry.

Straining out love from a vacuum
Is like drinking from the heart of a stone.
Try as we may, at the end of the day,
We’re exhausted, frustrated, alone.

‘Better to give than to receive’, we are taught
Yet another truth I’ve learnt just by living:
Only the soul with the grace to receive,
Excels in the fine art of giving.


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One response to “Is it better to Give or Receive? Or both, in balance?

  1. Balance – absolutely. Enjoyed the poem!

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