Are you positioned to freely receive?

Dr. Lewis Smedes says, “A real gift never puts the receiver in debt.  A real gift is only to enjoy.”  If this is true then why must we feel the guilt wave of reciprocation at the time we receive a gift from a family member, friend, or co-worker?  Could it have something to do with how we view ourselves? Could we feel shame because we perceive we are unworthy of receiving anything other than what we have worked for?  There is a trick to receiving freely.  “The trick is to remember that we are worthy of gifts even though we do not deserve them.  If we are made to feel unworthy of them, gifts shame us.  But grace-based people know and feel that they are worthy of gifts that they could never earn or deserve.”  Next time you are freely given a gift, freely receive.  You won’t understand why you are feeling joy, and that’s ok – feel it anyway!


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