Familial Fear

As I carefully read Matthew 10:34-39 the Spirit spoke to me and gave me this revelation:

Peace on earth was not the mission of Christ. Spreading the gospel of Himself, as fulfillment of God’s will was His mission. Christ calls (us) his disciples to spread His gospel at all costs. Why? Because it is only Christ’s gospel that brings those that are lost unto Him; for only he can save. Christ never let anything or anyone get in the way of spreading the gospel of himself; which was, to do his father’s will. Christ never placed His love for Joseph, Mary, or his siblings above his love for God (His True Father). One of the biggest show stoppers to a person fully accepting Christ’s commission is familial fear. Familial fear is the fear of familial rejection as one chooses to follow Christ at all costs. Christ implores us to love our families; however, he doesn’t expect us to sacrifice Him or His gospel to do so. If our love for Christ remains supreme, then familial love must be submissive to our love for Christ. Does this mean we leave or stop loving our family if they disagree with us? No, it means we love them that much more by committing to stay put. It is our steadfastness in family disagreement that brings our family into God’s will. Should we think we are exempt from offering our family as we serve Him? God and Abraham presented us with an answer to this question. How? Through Abraham’s example when he offered Isaac and by God Himself when he gave Jesus for our disobedience. God did not spare Jesus for himself, and Abraham did not spare Isaac for himself. Out of faith and love for God Abraham unconditionally offered Isaac. As far as true belief in God goes, I believe, this is where the rubber meets the road of our faith. Abraham was willing to risk the loss of Sarah’s love, and all the love of his entire family to do one primary thing; obey God at any cost. As we follow Christ we will never be people pleasers and that is just fine. For our mission is not to please others, but to introduce them to Him who saves.


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