The Grace of God appeared on TV!

Recently, I was watching a television program that outlined the exploits of a serial killer known as “The Green River Killer.” It seems this man brutalized and murdered several women over a long period of time. Even as a Christian, as I watched the program I became pulled into a frenzy of hate and anger towards this individual. My hate and anger seemed to be justified due to the level of heinousness I felt compelled to assign him. Then rather quickly after doing this I heard the Holy Spirit say “James, how can you judge and hate this man for his behavior. Has yours been exemplary? Have you found a way to meter sin? Does one sin weigh more than another? Did you earn forgiveness?” I will tell you, after the Spirit’s questioning I felt quite convicted. Why? Well it seemed so easy, I suspect, because of the heinousness in this case, to appoint myself this man’s judge, jury, and executioner. But, is that what Christ would have me do? With the Spirit’s help I realized that my personal appointment as judge, jury, and executioner elevated me above God; not a place I wanted or needed to be. However, I still struggled to see where God’s hand or better yet where God’s Grace could be found in this situation. As the television program was nearing its end I spotted the example Christ needed me to see. You can see what I observed as you click on the clip below:

In my opinion, the weight of sin can only be measured by the sacrifice of Christ. And in that context all sin weighs the same. The man who forgave Mr. Ridgeway knew that. How? Because that man truly knows his Savior – Christ Jesus!


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