God’s Eyes are Upon the Self-less Lover

How is it possible to love when to do so make a person vulnerable to being rejected, wounded, and hurting; or perhaps worst of all – ignored?  Is it really wise to be so risky and open ourselves to love without condition?  Will not those who forget themselves in “self-giving love” be forgotten?  Soren Kierkegaard says, “No, the one who in love forgets himself, forgets his suffering, in order to think of someone else’s, forgets all his misery in order to think of someone else’s, forgets what he himself loses in order loving to bear in mind someone else’s loss, forgets his own advantage in order lovingly to think of someone else’s – truly, such a person is not forgotten.  There is one who is thinking about him: God in heaven.  Or love is thinking about him.  God is love, and when a person out of love forgets himself, how then would God forget him!  No, while the one who loves forgets himself and thinks of the other person, God is thinking of the one who loves.  The self-lover is busy; he shouts and makes a big noise and stands on his rights in order to make sure he is not forgotten.  But the one who loves, who forgets himself, is recollected by love.  There is One who is thinking of him…”  God’s Grace thinks of him.

Grace is the very thing that breathes life into dust (Genesis 2:7); the very thing that fuses muscle to bone (Ezekiel 37:6), the very thing that make loving our neighbor possible (Matt 22:39), and the very thing that makes serving others a priority (1 Peter 4:10).  A monumental task, you think?  Not for God!  And God does not expect you to selflessly love without help. No, He offered the agent that has been with Him from the beginning: His Spirit, the Holy Spirit.  So, I implore you; activate by Love, the Spirit, whom has been dwelling within you from the time of your salvation.  Do it not for your sake alone, but selflessly for the sake of Christ and the hearts of those created in God’s Image.



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