Isn’t it grand to be a “Chip off the Old Block?”

Have you ever heard the phrase; “You’re a chip off the old block?” This phrase is normally used to relay parent to child lineage.  For example, a parent says, “you are a chip off the old block” the parent means, you are my offspring, and in you I delight. Typically, this phrase is used of someone who exhibits multiple similarities and mannerisms of their parent.  I find Peter’s comments in (1 Peter 2:4-5) brings the phrase “Chip off the old block” to life.  He says, “As you come to Him (Jesus), the living stone (Jesus)—rejected by men but chose by God and precious to him (God)—you (Christians) also, like living stones (chips off the old block), are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood.”  When, I view myself as a “chip off the Living Stone” I realize I am but an imperfect chipped shard from the perfect Living Stone.  A Stone that was hand selected by our Father in Heaven, and just as the Living Stone is precious to His Father, because of my privileged lineage In-Christ I too am precious to my Father in heaven. 


Peter’s reference to Christians being “living stones” identify us as being like Christ.  Therefore, we must see our self as individual living spiritual temples; each filled with the presence of God stacked one upon the other to form the Church of the Living Stone.  And within both the congregation of living stones and the individual living stone exists – Christ – “the precious rock.”  In Isaiah 28:16 “the Lord God says:  I will put a stone in the ground in Jerusalem, a tested stone.  Everything will be built on this important and precious rock.  Anyone who trusts in it will never be disappointed.” 


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