Manhood is a choice: Not a birthright.

Since I am the Men’s Minister of my church, I usually send out texts to men inviting them to our monthy men’s meetings.  Today, I sent a text to an 18 year old man inviting him to a Men’s event.  He responded, “I can’t come I am not a man.”  My response to him was this: “Don’t believe that lie! You are a man and don’t you forget it!”  Pastor Ed Cole said, “Being male is a matter of birth; being a man is a matter of choice.”  I know, I know the world today can seem to make manhood ambiguous.  The fact is this, legally, the world says, you are a man at (18). God says, you are a man when you choose to be!  Seems to me like King David was mocked a bit for showing up at the valley of Elah.  However, when the giant Goliath was struck, it was at the hand of a boy.  But, when he fell – Goliath’s head was removed by a man.  Enough said?”


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