Error Code

Have you ever noticed how just about everything we do or own today requires a pin/password?  Things like; online banking, online programs, enrolling in online college, and even a password to rent a movie.  So the other day, there I was, attempting to set up and log into a new email account.  I painstakingly filled out the monstrous amount of information required for the account.  The last thing left to do was create a password.  So, I freely chose a password that I could remember.  I entered it, waited, and then it happened.  I got what we all dread, an error code.  This error code says “The password you entered isn’t good enough.” I thought “What? It isn’t good enough?”  So, I took a moment to calm down then I thought, “The password I came up with is powerful, creative, and I could remember it. But yet it’s not good enough?”  Wait there is more to the error message.  It’s a very legalistic error message, it says, “It must be at least 8 character…s long, it must contain two uppercase, two lowercase, two numbers, and two special symbols.”  I scramble feverishly while looking at the key board.  I type in Legalistic&@44. Then I hit enter and “Boom” I am now approved, and accepted to use this email account.  I now, thanks to closely following the rules, have the power to access something that was freely mine all along.
The process above left me tired and feeling violated.  Then I thought, “Thank God Jesus came and rescued me from stipulations, regulations, and rules.  Afforded by His death, and at my salvation; He freed me from needing special qualifications, rules, and man’s approval of my character to take possession of what was freely available to me all along.  In his book “The Grace Awakening” Dr. Swindoll claims, “There is one and only one password for entering heaven: Grace.”  This really spoke to the Spirit within me.  I got the feeling, because of Grace, the next time I made a mistake I wouldn’t have to fear getting an error code.

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