Yielding to the Holy Spirit!

I went for a ride the other day and I invited the Spirit to come along.  I used to leave Him at home: Why? Well, I’m not exactly sure but it could have been the thought that He might get in my way.  All those times I rode around without the Spirit my mind drifted back to Him.  I pictured Him sitting there at home all alone; all the while praying for me and always consciously thinking about me.  A tear welled in my eye as I heard Him say, “If you knew you weren’t coming home today wouldn’t you want me with you?”  I said, “But I have every intention of returning home today.”  He responded, “You really don’t get it do you?  You see, your intentions and God’s intentions are something quite different.”  I said, “Ok, you’re right, you can come along.  But you will have to ride in the back seat.” 

We pulled out of the driveway and headed towards my destination.  Funny thing, I wasn’t really sure of my destination; however, I wasn’t going to admit that to Him.  So, I drove on thinking: now where was it I was heading? I was doing just fine and knew exactly where I was going preceding my discussion with the Spirit.  As I continued to drive I kept glancing into my rearview mirror, and wouldn’t you know it there He sat praying for me and always consciously watching me.  He didn’t speak; He just watched and waited ever so patiently.  All of a sudden it hit me; I have a GPS! All I have to do is see where I went yesterday at this time and voila I will know exactly where I am going.  Upon researching my previous destinations I discovered that I was on my way to work.  I drove along ever so confident, after all the GPS figured it all out for me.  Because of this man made device I knew exactly where I was going.  Then the Spirit said, “James, what happens when you type heaven in your GPS?.”  I said, “Well, I don’t rightly know.  So, I feverishly type in the destination heaven; but all I hear is: re-calculating, re-calculating, re-calculating.  My frustration builds, I am getting angry, and as my patience is nearing the end – I stop – then turn to the Spirit and say, “It doesn’t really know where I am going does it?”  The Spirit says, “No, it does not – only your faith in God, and God Himself knows where you are headed.  And He has put me here to guide you.”  Finally, it all became clear and I said to the Spirit, “Would you please come up here and drive? I would really like to reach my eternal destination.”  He said, “Sure, all I was waiting for was to hear you ask!” 


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