The “Still Small Voice”

Do you ever wonder why God assigns a particular call or unique vocal sound to a specific species of animal?  Think about the newborn fawn that instinctively knows its mother’s call.   The fawn’s source of comfort, reassurance, and protection can be found there in her mother’s call.  Just one bleat from the doe, changing only slightly in depth of pitch, can send the fawn; into hiding, sound the dinner bell, or give it permission to frolic.  The fawn listens and the fawn lives.  Animals are fortunate, in that, their original source of communication hasn’t been corrupted.  However, man’s agreement with the Serpent in Eden has placed some white noise between him and the hearing of his Father’s voice. 

Due to man’s stumble in the Garden, now, not only does man need to listen for Father’s voice, he is relegated to listening for the counterfeit voice as well.  This counterfeit voice endeavors to mimic our Father’s voice.   This is why we must listen intently and ever so closely to Father’s “still small voice.”  If we listen in haste, our actions may play directly into the enemy’s hand.    How, you say? If we accept the counterfeit, as the Father’s “still small voice,” we may be acting on false information.  You see, it is through subversion and the masking of God’s gentle voice that our adversary wages his most damaging assault.  How? With lies! Through lies the enemy attempts to deceive our unconscious mind by convincing us that the our Father’s “still small voice” is an auditory mirage.  In confirmation Ms. Penn-Lewis, says “One tactic of the evil one is to make souls confused and distracted over what is the will of God.” 

How can we weather the distraction and decipher the confusion?  Ms. Penn-Lewis claims, “The voice of the Lord brings a deep calm over the spirit, whereas the voice of the devil often causes confusion, restlessness, agitation and uncertainty.”  Therefore, the moment the voice is heard compare it to the Word of God.  If the information obtained from the “still small voice” doesn’t align to God’s standard of truth; then rebuke the insurgent and disregard.


Be still and know that I am (Psalm 46:10)     



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